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These are the healthcare changes we need: Opinion

--Paul Addis

The Trump administration and Congress must rethink their approach to providing social welfare support for all Americans. Programs need to adapt to changing times.

Liberals suggest we need socialized medicine and a single payer system. Republicans lack a coherent/thoughtful alternative

Meanwhile, the long-term financial condition of Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare is unsustainable, as federal expenditures rise at an alarming pace..More

Listen to Paul on the Marc Scaringi Show AM580/WHP

The Marc Scaring Show 2017-07-15

Addis Calls Out Opponents Over Trump Tweet

Written by Paul Engelkemier, Managing Editor

Businessman Paul Addis is continuing to message himself as the anti-Trump candidate, and is pushing for his primary opponents to take a position on President Trump’s latest Twitter scandal.
Trump sent out two tweets this morning attacking MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Mika Brzezinski...(More)                        

The GOP We Should Aspire to Be
--Paul Addis

 The Republican Party, of which I have been a member for over 30 years, has lost its way. At a time when most Americans believe the country has serious domestic and natural security problems, many of our party's leaders have become calcified and have focused on catering to special interest groups and maintaining control of legislative bodies at the state and federal levels at the expense of encouraging the emergence of imaginative and useful ideas. We look to support party loyalists over those with integrity, character, drive and imagination. To rejuvenate our Party and to improve the lives of all Americans we should look to our Party's history for inspiration and to rethink our priorities.

From the time that it was founded in the 1850s, the Republican Party was most successful when it was a party of ideas, one that developed thoughtful strategies to grapple with major issues. Historically the Republican Party was willing to dedicate national resources to solve critical problems. It understood when and when not to intervene.. More

      Education Initiatives

 Foreign Policy

Change Agent

John Baer: There's a new GOP candidate looking to take on Sen. Casey

Paul Addis fits mostly in the mold of today’s political upstart: wealthy, successful in business, first-time candidate convinced disenchantment with government and politicians offers opportunity for a new class of officeholder.

But the self-described “traditional conservative who believes the least fortunate need to be helped” is far from the mold of our current top example of political upstart, President Trump...(More)