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Welcome to my Republican campaign for U.S. Senate here in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for a conventional GOP candidate, you are in the wrong place.

I am an imaginative conservative, upset by the GOP's inability to innovate and set a responsible course. As a citizen and a patriot, I want our government to work better and harder for all of us, for my kids and yours. As a candidate, I will ask difficult questions and develop thoughtful and workable solutions.

Over the recent past the GOP has become a party of non-strategic thinkers. It is clear that to revitalize itself, the Republican Party must begin to seek candidates of character and broad experience, who have exhibited records of service and competence.




                            Paul Addis
                   Republican for Senate

I spent my 30+ year professional career invigorating and changing old businesses to create better ones -- and that is the mindset I will take to the Senate. Let’s rethink the role of the federal government. I do not believe we should simply slash federal spending. Some responsibilities can only be managed by the federal government. Some programs may need to expand. But equally important, let's end what isn't working. We must be thoughtful and flexible, but, like all families, we must be responsible with every dollar we spend.

A thoughtful review of America's history confirms that all successful government action must be consistent with our traditions of freedom, the rule of law, upward mobility, the appropriate use of government, and a belief that America is a melting pot as opposed to a conglomerate of special interests.

I did not vote for President Trump; nor did I vote for Secretary Clinton. Here in Pennsylvania several Republican congressmen did the same. President Trump ran an undignified and divisive campaign. His inconsistent and undisciplined approach to governing is detrimental to our country and has imperiled the GOP’s efforts to enact meaningful reforms that are sorely needed after eight years of President Obama. Congress and the country are now bogged down with numerous investigations and a special counsel.

The Republican Party has hitched its wagon to an unsteady and unprepared man, and we are suffering the consequences. Pennsylvania's 2018 GOP senatorial candidate must place the country's and Pennsylvania's needs first. A Senate candidate tied at the hip to Mr. Trump can’t win Pennsylvania in 2018. The Republican Party must relearn how to economize, think boldly about the role of government, and evaluate what works and what does not.

Our current Democratic senator, Bob Casey, all too often plays small ball, a wasted opportunity for Pennsylvania and the country. During the past 8 years, Senator Casey was an unquestioning supporter of President Obama. Senator Casey has held statewide office for 20 straight years, and it's time for a change. It’s time to replace him with an imaginative, conservative Republican.

I am an innovator interested in creating workable and affordable public policy solutions. Please take a moment to learn more about me and my Republican campaign for Senate in Pennsylvania. I would appreciate your help and advice.


The GOP has lost its way

Paul Addis a change agent

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